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                  Sustainable Development

                  Environmental Responsibility

                  Dealing with global climate change whose main feature is climate warming is a core mission for realizing the world's sustainable development in the world today and in the future over the long term. As one of China’s largest tyre manufacturer, it’s our responsibility to reduce tire’s impact on environment during production process.

                  Triangle Tyre Environmental Policy

                  Protecting the global environment, building green homes, implementing cleaner production, and conserving of resources and energy are the basic environmental concept of Triangle, we are committed to:

                  • Comply with international and local environmental laws and regulations and other requirements to protect the marine environment and resources;
                  • Implement of effective environmental management system, formulate, implement and regularly review environmental objectives and targets, and improve good pollution prevention and continuous improvement;
                  • Take effective measures to deal with waste , emissions, noise and carbon pollution, controls on waste disposal and reasonable , and to maintain Weihai’s image of "National Environmental Protection Model City " and "National Sanitary City" made outstanding contributions ;
                  • Take environment-friendly materials, facilities and equipment and technology;
                  • Extensively Carry out full energy-saving activities, and put efforts to minimize the energy consumption of resources;
                  • This policy communicates to all employees and improves the overall staffs’ environmental awareness and skills through education and training;
                  • This policy is available to the public, and seek relevant aspects of supervision, understanding and collaboration.

                  Green Earth Declaration of Triangle

                  In 2009, Triangle published “Green earth declaration of Triangle” with global cooperation partners. They initiated and practiced new productive model of “low carbon, green manufactory”. The declaration is:

                  Earth - common human homes. When industrial economy is creating human civilization, it also brings new challenges to the global environment. To meet the challenges, Triangle Tyre and global strategic partners published a joint declaration:

                  First, in the 21st century, human civilization and social progress is facing a new mission - to protect the earth and environment, and to construct ecological civilization.

                  Second, "low-carbon economy, green manufacturing” is a guide to lead us grow up from industrial economy to ecological and economic civilization.

                  Third, the mission of tire industry: to build a production business model of "low carbon, green, environmental protection, and efficiency", and create a new continuous improvement of ecological civilization productivity.

                  Fourth, we are actively pursuing the action policy of "promoting the progress of mankind ", and put all efforts to establish trinity development model of responding to economy, environment and society.

                  Fifth, we advocate and promote the way of "low carbon economy" and "low-carbon life ", serving the global market with innovative scientific and technological strength and "green" products.

                  Six, make sustainable action to the global supply chains.

                  Let us unite to fight for and achieve the best wished of "bring progress to the community, and creating civilization for mankind”!

                  October 12, 2009 Weihai, Shandong province, China

                  Green Travel of Triangle

                  Triangle pays close attention to our products’ influence impact in material selection, design, manufacture, logistics, usage, waste treatment. We actively promote new development of ecologic economy, with the main characters of green products, green manufacture, and green consumption.

                  According to scientific budget, taking normal passenger vehicle (14 or 15) for example, the CO2 products during the whole process is:

                  1. Raw material

                  In order to design and produce green tire, we develop and apply new material. Automatic oil is one of material used on rubber compounding for increasing tire’s capacity to assistant to weather, oxidation, friction and maturing. But it has been verified to have potential threaten to the health of human beings and animal. Triangle chooses environmental protection oil, meeting REACH law of EU. Although this choose increases the cost of production, Triangle thinks its human-oriented values and ecological values are more important.

                  2. Green Manufactring

                  We insist on the principle of “low carbon, green, environmental production and efficiency”, and promote to build “green productivity”. The highlights of our work is compressively using heat energy, recycling water resource, and realizing “zero emission” of three wastes, fusing automaton with informatization, and creating a work environment that keep physical and psychological health.

                  The average energy consumption level of company’s new production base is lower 20.6%, comparing with other companies. The new technologies include:

                  We insist on the principle of “low carbon, green, environmental production and efficiency”, and treat our main work as the usage of green clean energy, reduction of green house gas emission, comprehensive usage of water resources, purification treatment of smoke, recyclability of heat generating from vulcanization, and application of informatizaton and automation. The manufacture base produces advanced products, which can represent the development direction of tire industry. The main characters are:

                  • We make full use of stereo spaces of factories and establish the first 3-megawatt-level solar photovoltaic power station in domestic tire industry, which annually economizes 4, 600, 000 kilowatt electrical energy.
                  • We adopt new technology of rubber mixing, saving more than 27% energy in the process of raw materials.
                  • We recycle water of productive use to reach the goal of “zero emission” of waste water.
                  • We use nitrogen to realize vulcanization. In the process of vulcanization, nearly 80%to 90% stream heat energy consumes in it. While only 40% heat energy has been assimilated, the rest 60% energy has been consumed in other forms. Comparing with the traditional way of vulcanization, using nitrogen to realize vulcanization doesn’t waste water, and saves 40% stream.
                  • We promote comprehensive utilization by adopting new technology and using new facilities to recycle stream generating from vulcanization. We treat it as heat energy to warm office, promoting power usage effectiveness.
                  • We build MES system, put robot in to use to improve the level of single machine and automation of MES system and make deep integration with information-based system, improving production efficiency 20%.
                  • We adopt new concept of factory design, controlling the temperature of production areas in 24±2C, and the sound in 55~65dB.

                  The comprehensive energy consumption of tire production represent: when producting a ton of tire, Comparing to burn coal, how many energy will consume when producing one ton of tires (7000 kilocalorie). Through increasing technological transformation of energy saving, the comprehensive consumption of Triangle tyre annually decreases more than 3%. For Triangle tyres, if decreasing 1% energy consumption in the production process of one tone tires, it will economize many kilogram coals (co2 kilogram). In 2013, the output of Triangle tyres had reached 500,000. So we know the big value that energy saving and emission production brings to environment. We are trying to strive for it. It’s our responsibility to reduce environment impact in the production process and product itself.

                  Social Responsibility

                  In support of the municipal government and the community, Triangle insists on trinity development ideas of responding to society, economy and environment. It returns to society with loving heart and practical action.

                  1. Donations to Schools

                  In last ten years, Triangle has donated to Weihai’s primary and middle school in a fixed time. By the end of 2013, the cumulative donation has been over 1 million Yuan.

                  2. Charitable Donation

                  In 2005, Triangle donated 200,000 Yuan to Weihai Charity federation through the activity of “a one day’s good will”.

                  Since 2007, Triangle has donated 3.5 million Yuan charitable funds to Weihai Charity federation.

                  In 2008, Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan province, Triangle donated 3000 tires to disaster area.

                  In 2009, Triangle donated 700,000 Yuan to Weihai Charity federation through the activity of “a one day’s good will”.

                  In 2010, during the period of earthquake in Yushu, Qinghai province, Triangle organized staffs to donate over 300,000 Yuan to earthquake disaster region.

                  In 2012, the staffs donated more than 400,000 Yuan.

                  In 2013, during the period of Ya’an earthquake in Sichuan province, Triangle donated 5 million Yuan to the reconstruction of Ya’an primary school.

                  (A One Day’s Good Will)

                  (In 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Triangle donated tires)

                  (On April 23th, 2013, Triangle donated 5 million Yuan to Ya’an disaster area)

                  3. Donation to Social Public Welfare

                  In 2004, Triangle donated 100,000 Yuan to Eastern China old citizen association.

                  In 2006, Triangle donated 100,000 Yuan to Weihai Samaritan foundation.

                  In 2006, Triangle donated 60,000 Yuan to Qu Jia gou village in Rongcheng city for build tap-water.

                  In 2006, Triangle donated habitat festival for 200,000 Yuan.

                  In 2006, Triangle donated 182,000 Yuan for disabled foundation.

                  Since 2008, the total donation that Triangle has made to army has reached 250,000.

                  In 2013, Triangle donated 200,000 Yuan to Eastern China old citizen association.

                  4. Donation for Sports

                  In 2006, Triangle sponsored 6.18 million Yuan for Chinese team who competed in Dakar Rally.

                  In 2008, Triangle sponsored for VOLVO yachting race.

                  In 2012, Triangle sponsored for college students’ team who studied in Harbin Institute of Technology.

                  (In 2006, Triangle sponsored Chinese car team competing in Dakar.)

                  (In 2008, Triangle sponsored “Green Dragon” competing for VOLVO yachting race.)

                  (In 2012, Triangle sponsored Weihai collage students’ team.)

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