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                  Triangle Technology

                  Triangle tyre adheres to the principle of taking science and technology progress as guidance, self innovation as the driving force of development, strengthens core competitive advantages and has built such R&D platforms as national level technology development center, national engineering laboratory for tire design and manufacturing process, and American technology research and development center. Up to now, Triangle Group has obtained 354 patents, including 330 domestic patents, 24 foreign patents and 52 invention patents. Meanwhile, it participated in the formulation and revision of 87 national industry standards, of which 49 standards were issued and implemented.

                  1. Construction Technology Research & Development Platform

                  Triangle Tyre “National engineering laboratory for tire design and manufacturing process” is the only national laboratory in China’s tire industry. The scientific research platform focuses on the tire design, manufacturing and engineering technology and how it is being carried out. Research is done on the tire core design along with advanced tire manufacturing technology, tire formula design, special tire design and manufacturing engineering technology, tire experimental test and performance analysis technology. Through this research platform, Triangle group aims to improve the company's capacity for independent innovation and actively complete the scientific research project commissioned by the relevant state departments. Triangle group also carries out the key technology research for relevant industries, the formulation of important technical standards, and the condensation and cultivation of globalized innovative talents. All this has paved the way to the innovation of China’s tire industry.

                  Laboratory Accreditation Certificate

                  The scene in Noise laboratory of Triangle Tyre” National engineering laboratory for tire design and manufacture process”

                  2. The Patents of Triangle Group

                  So far the company has won 291 domestic and foreign patents, of which 267 domestic patents, 24 foreign patents, and 32 invention patents.

                  3. Formulation & Revision of GB

                  Number Parts of the promulgated and enforced national industry standard that Triangle Group participated in set and revise.
                  1 GB 9743-2007 Passenger car tires
                  2 GB/T 9768-2008 Regulation of application and maintenance of tire
                  3 GB/T2977-2008 Size designation, dimensions, inflation pressure and load capacity for truck tires
                  4 GB/T2978-2008 Size designation dimensions inflation pressure and load capacity for passener car tires
                  5 GB/T 21286-2007 Repair of pneumatic tires
                  6 GB/T2980-2009 Size designation dimensions inflation pressure and load capacity for earth-mover tires
                  7 GB/T1190-2009 Technical specification of earth-mover tires
                  8 GB/T4502-2009 Laboratory test methods for passenger car tires capabilities
                  9 GB 7036.1-2009 Inner tube of pneumatic tires—Part 1:Inner tube of motor vehicle tires
                  10 GB/T26277-2010 Test method for measuring electrical resistance of tires
                  11 GB/T26276-2010 Test method of non-destructive inspection for earth-mover radial tires—X-ray method
                  12 GB/T26278-2010 Tire size substitution guide
                  13 GB29449-2012 The norm of energy consumption for per unit product of tire
                  14 GB/T 521-2012Test method of measuring peripheral dimensions for tires
                  15 GB/T29040-2012 Test methods of rolling resistance for motor vehicle tires—Single point test and correlation of measurement results
                  16 GB/T29042-2012 Thresholds of rolling resistance for motor vehicle tires
                  17 SB/T 10468.1-2008 Management Regulations and Requirements for Tire Distribution Enterprises
                  18 SB/T 10468.2-2008 Management Regulations and Reclaim Requirements for Tire Distribution Enterprises
                  19 GB/T 18505-2013 Motor Vehicle Tire Dynamic Balance Test Methods
                  20 GB/T 18506-2013 Motor Vehicle Tire Uniformity Test Methods
                  21 HG/T 2186-2012 Tire Hydrostatic Test Methods
                  22 HG/T 2443-2012 Tire Static Load Test Methods
                  23 HG/T 4625-2014 Tire Mat Belt
                  24 HG/T 4626-2014 Tire Curing Bladder
                  25 GB 9743-2015 Passenger Vehicle Tires
                  26 GB 9744-2015 Heavy Truck Tires
                  27 GB/T 18861-2012 Rolling Resistance Test Methods for Motor Vehicle Tires and Motorcycle Tires — Multi-point Test
                  28 GB/T 29041-2012 Motor Vehicle Tire Road Wear Test Methods
                  29 GB/T 30197-2013 OTR Tire TKPH-Values Measuring Methods
                  30 GB/T 30193-2013 OTR Tire Endurance Performance Test Methods
                  31 GB/T 30195-2013 Motor Vehicle Tire Impact Resistance Test Methods
                  32 GB/T 30198-2013 Motor Vehicle Tire Non-circularity Test Methods
                  33 GB/T 30194-2013 Farming Vehicles Tire Rolling Circumference Measuring Methods
                  34 GB/T 30196-2013 Run Flat Tire
                  35 GB/T 13646-2013 Rubber—Determination of Bound Styrene Content—Spectrophotometric Method
                  36 GB/T 13936-2014 Rubber Vulcanized —Method for Determination of Strength Properties of Adhesive to Metal in Shear by Tension Loading
                  37 GB/T 1689-2014 Rubber Vulcanized — Determination of Abrasion Resistance (Akron Machine)
                  38 GB/T 16586-2014 Rubber Vulcanized — Determination of Adhesion to Wire Cord
                  39 GB/T 30830-2014 Steel Cords for Off-The-Road (OTR) Radial Tires
                  40 GB/T 2883-2015 Rims Series for Earth-Mover
                  41 GB/T 2981-2014 Technical Specification of Pneumatic Tires for Industrial Vehicles
                  42 GB/T 2982-2014 Size Designation, Dimensions, Inflation Pressure and Load Capacity for Industrial Vehicle Pneumatic Tires
                  43 GB/T 12939-2015 Rims Series for Industrial Vehicles
                  44 GB/T 6326-2014 Tire Terms and Definitions
                  45 GB/T 3487-2015 Rims Series for Passenger Vehicles
                  46 GB/T 9769-2015 Rim Contour Inspection
                  47 GB/T 19390-2014 Dipped Polyester Cord Fabric for Tires
                  48 GB/T 31961-2015 Rims Series for Trucks and Buses
                  49 GB/T 2978-2014 Size Designation, Dimensions, Inflation Pressure and Load Capacity for Passenger Vehicle Tires

                  4. Achievements and Awards

                  1. In April 1995, Triangle Tyre took the lead to use the logo of “National Surveillance Center Producer", opening a precedent in the history of China's tire industry. Shandong Technical Supervision listed all products of Triangle Tyre as free-inspection quality product. Through the TSA DOT standard test, the products can go directly to American market.

                  2. In December 1999, Triangle Tyre passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification in the tire industry.

                  3, In December 1999 , Triangle Tyre passed the QS - 9000 quality system certification in the same industry.

                  4, In January 2000, the technology development center of Triangle Group was promoted to National Technology Development Center.

                  5, In November 2000, Triangle Group was approved to set up the first postdoctoral scientific research stations in the domestic industry.

                  6, On October 25, 2002, Triangle Tyre co., LTD. won the CCC certification issued by China Quality Certification Center, which is the NO. 1 "CCC" certification in tire industry.

                  7, On November 27, 2002, the first domestic 23.5 R25 all-steel engineering radial tire, independently researched and developed by Triangle Tyre co., LTD., came out.

                  8, In 2002, Triangle tyre ranked 12th in the top 50 of world tire.

                  9, In 2003, "Triangle" brand tire are recommended as Chinese national brand. There are a total of 10 tire brands that were recommended as Chinese nation products in the tire industry.

                  10, In December 2005, Triangle got certification audit from the famous certification body Det Norske Veritas (DNV), and passed management system certification TS16949.

                  11, After Triangle tyre team successes in the Dakar rally in 2006, it made its victory over the Dakar again on January 6, 2007.

                  12,On January 8, 2008, national awards for science and technology 2007 were held in the Great Hall of the People. Triangle Tyre co., LTD. ‘s " the complete production technology and equipment development of giant engineering radial tire " project was awarded the 2007 progress award of national science and technology, which is the highest award of science and technology in China's tire industry since the founding of the country.

                  13,In October 2009,Triangle Tyre co., LTD. Won the first quality AWARD of Governor of Shandong.

                  14, In December 2009, the management achievements of Triangle Group won the first prize in the first session of Shandong enterprise management award.

                  15, On November 16, 2011, the most valuable platform of science and technology innovation in domestic tire industry, national engineering laboratory for tire design and production officially settled in Triangle, and it is the only one national engineering laboratory in China tire industry.

                  16, From November 9 to12, 2012, the Gold Award of seventh Invention Exhibition - the technology development of giant engineering radial tire.

                  17, From November 9 to12, 2012, the Gold Award of seventh Invention Exhibition – the development and manufacture of green environmental tire.

                  18, In 2012, Triangle Group got the award of Best employer.

                  19, In 2013, Shandong engineering technology research center for High-performance radial tire settled down in Triangle Group.

                  20, In the fourth session of Shandong top 50 enterprises in rubber industry comprehensive strength rankings, Triangle Group topped the list.

                  21, "Shandong key laboratory for new rubber materials for tire and application technology " and "Shandong engineering research center for high-performance radial tire" ,established by Triangle Group co., LTD., passed acceptance of provincial science and technology office, and got the license.

                  Industry Technology Innovative and Strategic Alliance

                  Alliance Introduction:

                  On March 22, 2010, the alliance is established by such core members as leading companies in tire industry, the superior companies in relevant industry, the universities and research institutions with the basis of tire manufacturing research. Focusing on the product structure adjustment, the technology promotion of tire industry, new material technology and the information control technology, the Alliance carried on the independent innovation. After two years of development, a series of scientific achievements has reached in accordance with the purpose and the innovation objectives of the Alliance.

                  Alliance Main Achievements

                  1. Rubber cryogenic mixed processing technology
                  2. Complete sets of production technology of agricultural radial tire
                  3. RFID technology
                  4. The preparation technique of Fire-proof tire
                  5. The preparation technique of ultra -large type of high performance tire products

                  Unit members of the Union:

                  1, Triangle Group Co., Ltd.
                  2, China Petroleum and chemical industry association
                  3, China National Tire& Rubber Co.,Ltd
                  4, Tianjin Saixiang Technology Co., Ltd.
                  5, MESNAC
                  6, Qingdao University of Science and Technology
                  7, Shandong Dawn Polymer Co., Ltd.
                  8, Sichuan Haida Rubber Group Co., Ltd.
                  9, Aeolus Tyre Co., Ltd.
                  10, Tianjin United Tire & Rubber International Co., Ltd.
                  11, Sailun Co., Ltd.
                  12, Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery Group Co., Ltd.
                  13, AVIC Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Institute
                  14, Jiangsu Xingda Steel Tyre Cord Co., Ltd.
                  15, Shandong Yanggu Huatai Chemical Co., Ltd.
                  16, Beijing University of Chemical Technology
                  17, Chemical Industry Productivity Promotion Center of China
                  18, Tsinghua University
                  19, Beijing Research & Design Insitute of Rubber Industry
                  20, China Haohua Engineering Co., Ltd
                  21, Shuguang Rubber Industry Research & Design Institute
                  22, Yanshan Branch of Beijing Research Institute of theChemical Industry of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation

                  Alliance Purpose:

                  In line with giving equal importance to the processing technology, material preparation, and the manufacturing technology development of key equipment, the organization selects research topics to shorten the cycle of new technology. It goes from laboratory to industrialization, and then forms industrialized technology with own intellectual property rights and autonomy brand. Alliance will also do the research work in the fields like science and technology resource sharing platform, transformation and diffusion mechanisms of new technology, IPR creation, application and joint talents cultivation, etc.

                  Alliance Principles:

                  1.    The alliance is established by such core members as leading companies in tire industry, the superior companies in relevant industry, the universities and research institutions with the basis of tire manufacture research.
                  2.    Alliance members undertake the rights and obligations, share the intellectual property and allocate the profits provided by the format of contract.

                  Objectives & Tasks on Technological Innovation:

                  The alliance will center on the independent innovation around internationally renowned tire company's product technology trends and technological upgrading of China's tire industry, product structure adjustment and new materials technology, core equipment technology, new crafts technology, control technology of information increasing enterprises core competiveness, and focuses on the study and develop of Rubber cryogenic mixed processing technology that tire manufacturing industry needs urgently. Completing sets of production technology and equipment of agricultural radial tire that is used in high security smart and hybrid cars. Radial tire industry technology used in environmentally friendly recyclable oversized giant OTR, the development and application of environmentally friendly new materials and the key technology of clean production, preparation technology of steel cord skeleton structure materials with high strength and new structure and other industries common key technologies. In 3-5 years of research and development, the alliance will make endeavor to develop 10 key common technologies like new materials for tires, core equipment , control technology of information, Five key common technologies like energy conservation and cleaner production , 10 types of new materials for tires , design and manufacture more than five types of core equipment , and produce 5 types of new producing crafts , eventually forming the manufacturing complete sets of technologies, including technology for radial Tires for high-security smart and green cars, radial tires for safe and long-life passenger cars , radial tire for over-sized OTR, manufacturing more than five types of new tires products with the international advanced level, and forming 50 or more patented technology with independent Intellectual .it will promote the achievements’ applications in China’s industry focused enterprise , achieving the goal to reduce energy consumption by 30% in every ten thousand Yuan output value , and solve the serious problems like shortage of high-end products in tires , and heavy task of energy-saving and emission reduction, cultivate and foster innovative talents for tire enterprises, providing high-end talent for China's tire industry.

                  With medium and long-term efforts, the alliance will make the key tires material preparation, processing and core equipment manufacture reach world advanced level, and common technologies meet industry needs, and promote to put China's tire industry and related industries on a new road of industrialization with high technology content , own intellectual property rights , good economic returns , low resources consumption , little environmental pollution, full play of human resource advantages, and sustainable development which also turns our country from the tire producer into the manufacturing powerhouse.

                  Adhering to the technological development principles of integration of enterprises, universities, research institutes and application, the alliance launches the alliance member-oriented, industry-oriented technical cooperation, and jointly develops new materials and breakthrough the energy-saving emission reduction technology. By the full use of innovative resources among alliance members, it improves the use efficiency of technical innovation resources, and share the intellectual property, forming a chain of industrial technology innovation.

                  The alliance also makes self-development to achieve the core technology and fruit with own intellectual property rights, speed up the large-scale commercial use of innovative results, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, and promote upgrade the industrial structure.

                  The alliance, aiming to promote the joint training and exchange interaction between the science and technology personnel from alliance member units, will make itself become the important training base for high-level tire manufacturing talents, and an attractive site for tire and polymer technical development personnel from overseas to increase the innovative ability of industry continuously.

                  Alliance Institutes:

                  The staff list of Alliance Board,Alliance Secretariat and The Expert Consultation Committee

                  1.The staff list of Alliance Board

                  2. The staff list of experts committees of Alliance Board

                  3. The staff list of Alliance Secretariat

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