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                  Company Introduction

                  Formerly known as Shandong Tyre Factory established in 1976, Triangle Tyre Co. Ltd. (stock code: 601163) was founded in 2001. As the tire industry leader in China, its range of products covers commercial  tires, passenger  tires, bias OTR tires, radial OTR tires and jumbo OTR tires,  etc. Up to now, its annual production capacity has reached 22 million units.

                  Triangle Tyre Co. Ltd., the main body of Tyre Industry Tech- innovation Strategic Alliance in China, has a national technology development center, a national industrial design center, a post- doctoral scientific research station, and an American technology research & development center. What deserves to be pointed out is that the sole national engineering laboratory for tire industry in China has been built by Triangle Tyre Co. Ltd.

                  Triangle Tyre Co. Ltd. is always committing itself to tire tech- innovation, research, design, manufacturing and marketing to meet the demands of the consumers all over the world. As the forerunner and leader of national radial tire technology in China, Triangle Tyre Co. Ltd. has an enormous foreign and domestic patent portfolio and plays the key role in setting national and professional tire industry standards.

                  In 2008, Triangle Tyre Co. Ltd., due to the project Developing Whole Set of Giant Engineering Radial Tyre Production Technology and Equipment it took charge of, won the first-class National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, the most prestigious award that Chinese tire companies have ever gained since 1949. Today, Triangle Tyre Co. Ltd. has become one of the four largest world-wide providers of engineering radial tire and giant tire, and built a global partnership with Caterpillar, Terex, Doosan, Hyundai and Volvo, etc.

                  Triangle Tyre Co. Ltd. has devoted itself to providing the customers all over the world with innovative high quality products and services since it was founded in 2001. It has branches in North America, Europe, Russia and India. And its sales network spreads to 180 countries and regions.

                  Triangle Tyre Co. Ltd. has been certified in more than 60 countries and economies throughout the world, including CCC、ECE、DOT、E-SOUND、INMETRO、LATU、GSO、SNI, and so on. What’s more, it has passed the strict technical performance tests of such international enterprises as Volvo. It is worthy of note that Triangle Tyre Co. Ltd. also provides supporting services for more than 50 automobile manufacturing enterprises in China, such as SINOTRUK, FAW, DFL, CIMC, SDLG, XCMG, etc.

                  Adhering to the core values of Integrity, Innovation, Diligence, and Kindness and the developmental mission of Bringing Progress to Society and Creating Civilization for Mankind unswervingly, Triangle Tyre Co. Ltd. will provide its customers with top-rank products and services, fulfill its economic duty, environmental duty and social duty seriously, and grow into a more global and world-class  company.

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