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                  You can use the same login details for Triangle websites (including all Triangle global sites), and survey pages.
                  Please enter your E-mail Address;
                  E-mail should be within 50 characters.
                  The password should be within 4-8 characters;
                  This will be your only Triangle.com.cn password.
                  Please re-input your password;
                  The passwords you entered must be the same.
                  Q: Why should I select my age group?
                  A: To understand the range of consumers’ age, please
                       select your age group.
                  Q: Why should I enter my vehicle brand?
                  A: To understand the distribution of Triangle tires in the
                       please enter your vehicle brand.
                  Q: Why should I select my role in the website?
                  A: We offer three types of users for your choice, in order
                       to provide you with better service, please select your
                       role in website.
                  Q: Why should I select my purpose of driving?
                  A: To understand your purpose of driving, we can
                       provide you with more efficient service, please select
                       your purpose of driving.

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